Meet Our Staff

New View employs the most professional staff to work with our models and talent. Below are some of the hard-working people that make New View a success.

Joe Guerrera


Joe Guerrera started modeling for the company he would eventually own at the age of 31. Joe moved on to the world market after modeling in Cincinnati for a short time. Keeping his connections in Paris, London, Milan,Tokyo, Australia and New York Joe developed NEW VIEW into the strongest modeling and acting agency in the Midwest today. NEW VIEW specializes in discovering, developing and marketing models and actors of all ages to the world.

Chester Ricks


Chester Ricks joined NV Models & Talent last century as a talent and model. He enjoyed working with many fashion designers and top advertisers during his tenure. While modeling, he has traveled and worked in the United States and Europe. He has many fashion shows, TV commercials and a few ad campaigns under his belt. Chester became Agency Director at NV in 2002. He enjoys working, discovering, and developing models all around the world. He also considers himself a part time counselor to the models and their families. This has been his life- long joy!

Bridget Strathern


Bridget Megan Strathern has had the honor of being a part of the New View family for almost six and a half years as New Faces Director, Admissions Counselor, Talent Scout and talent. She loves having the opportunity to connect with new people every day that are pursuing the same venture that she has had a passion for since birth. Bridget has acted since she was seven years old and started modeling at the age of 18. She adores being able to help mentor and guide people into not only getting started, but also to see their lives transform before her eyes into new business men and women. Being a communications major from the University of Cincinnati, Bridget has been able to apply the skills and tools she gained from school and utilize these in this business daily. She definitely suggests that if modeling and acting is something you desire to pursue, regardless of your height, size, ethnicity, age, and whether it has been a longtime passion or you just desire to pursue being a better you, this is where you start-New View. Shoot for the stars! How do you know unless you check it out?

Jessica Lincks


Jessica brings creativity, youthful exuberance and a unique perspective to every project. She is exceptionally qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing and Management and an Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising and years of experience with a leading online retailer of swim, yoga and active wear. Having worked in a studio setting and on location, she has a great understanding of what a client expects. Jessica has served as a design consultant for fashion boutiques and soft goods retailers and as a volunteer for Cincinnati's Fashion Week. She was instrumental in the redesign and re-launch of a local event planning blog, where she frequently contributed. Her writing has also appeared in A-Line magazine.